November 27, 2018

Everything you need to know about London’s growing network of rooftop “vertiports”: Meet the man building the UK capital’s passenger drone infrastructure

If passenger drones are the future of travel, where will they land? Where will they take off from? Or travel to? All questions that Skyport Drones' founder Duncan Walker hopes to answer as he plans to build a network of "vertiports" on London's rooftops. 

With 15 rooftop's already secured for ports, which Walker hopes will eventually be used to dock drones carrying people around the city, he reveals the the complex planning required to ensure the infrastructure for this method of future travel is in place. 

In this episode of Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright talks to Walker about everything from the safety of drone travel to how we protect our skies from a future of increased air travel and we welcome a special guest in Sam McClary's absence as EG editor Damian Wild takes to the studio for his second Tech Talk turn. 

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