On this week's Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson dishes out some good news to lighten up a challenging year. Hundreds of dollars are being raised globally for real estate technology as part of a growing trend in launching "blank cheque companies". Tishman Speyer and CBRE are part of the movement.

She also sits down virtually with Professor Dr Andrew Baum from Said Business School, and PiLabs research associate Andy Saull who have co-authored a report on how technology is transforming real estate and its role in the industry. 

Saull and Baum explain how the report provides a "road map" for digitisation and tech adoption that real estate companies can use, and how companies can avoid becoming a “clear casualty of the digital transformation about to take place”.

On this week's episode of Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson sits down with London South Bank University Business School professor of organisational behaviour Karin Moser to talk all about how remote working and our intense use of technology to keep businesses running is impacting our mental health.

Moser led the research, in which 102 UK employees were surveyed on their working from home practices during the first lockdown. The research concluded that remote working could “harm employee wellbeing at work, if left unregulated”, with employees experiencing tiredness or “Zoom fatigue”.

So if working from home remotely has taken its toll on our mental health, what does this mean for the future of the office? The two sit down to discuss the role of the workplace post-Covid and how employers can put in place steps to avoid video call fatigue.


Who's feeling festive during lockdown? EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson asks all the burning questions in this week's Tech Talk Radio. Keeping on the subject of lockdown, Alderson also flags EG's 2020 mental health survey analysis (which will be featured in this week's magazine) which looks at how Covid has impacted real estate professionals this year, and what lessons we can learn from a tough year for all.

Alderson is then joined by data room provider Drooms chief executive Alexandre Grellier to talk about research the company has conducted into the pace of digitisation in real estate over this year, and how Covid has impacted this.

Drooms surveyed 538 real estate investors across Europe, and *spoiler alert* the survey results show that the pace of digitisation is still sluggish. The two dig deeper into the stats to understand why that is.

As part of a Tech Talk Radio podcast with Cluttons, EG’s tech editor Emily Wright is joined by Cluttons head of research Sophy Moffat and CBI senior policy adviser Susannah Odell to delve into some of the key issues at the heart of this debate.

On this week's Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson sat down with AshbyCapital property director Tom Smithers and Smart Spaces chief executive Dan Drogman to talk about Slough's first smart building: The Future Works.

The Future Works is a 100,000sq ft office scheme, and part of a wider £200m investment into Slough to create a total of 350,000sq ft of new office accommodation. The Future Works has used Smart Spaces technology to becomes Slough’s first smart office building, and Smithers talks about how the company believes tech like this is critical to futureproofing the office.

It's also been a busy year for Drogman, who has seen a 400% increase in demand for smart building technology compared to the year before. He talks about how Covid has played a role in accelerating this demand and what the challenges for the offices sector are.

On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson sits down to talk about the launch of a tool that automates the transactions process with Hogan Lovells partner Nicholas Roberts, BNP Paribas property management director Emma Orford and Integra Ledger chief executive David Fisher.

The tool has been launched to solve a longstanding obstacle that stands in the way of the transactions process: quite simply, it takes too long and it’s inefficient. The real estate heavyweights have therefore banded together, bringing in Integra Ledger, to develop a tool that uses blockchain to automate the process.

The trio talk to Alderson about how exactly blockchain is used, and the big plans they have for rolling the tool out across real estate – and maybe in further afield.

On this episode of Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson attempts a drum roll and outlines why you can't miss this year's list of EG Rising Stars.

In fact, tap here for a link to the piece so you can read all about it. But before you get to know this year's talented bunch, listen to Alderson sit down with Knight Frank head of EMEA and APAC data centres Stephen Beard to discuss all things data centres, following the agent's report on how investment into the sector has boomed over H1 this year.

Beard outlines why investment into data centres is on the rise, where the hotspots are in Europe, and why he thinks that despite the asset class' energy guzzling reputation, data centres could actually be a "beacon" for sustainability.


It's another Tech Talk Radio, and EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson starts by outlining the biggest property and tech headlines since last week's episode, including the biggest tech blooper of the week.

Alderson then sits down with JPES Partners head of property Duncan Lamb to talk about the launch of Evaluate|Locate, a new platform that tracks the economic health of more than 2,800 locations across the UK to help investors and developers make investment decisions.

Over 4,000 lines of code and two years later, Lamb talks about the arduous process of putting Evaluate|Locate together, and gives some data-backed insights into investment trends around the regions during the covid-19 crisis. Could we see investment shift away from cities to satellite towns and regions? Alderson finds out.

There have been some major proptech news that has broken since last week’s episode of Tech Talk Radio, so EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson recaps on the juiciest stories from the past week, including: EG’s talk with EDGE chief executive and founder Coen van Oostrom about his plans to take EDGE global; Fifth Wall’s first European proptech fund launch; and tech unicorn Octopus Energy making Manchester the location for its UK tech hub as it launches an expansion programme.

Alderson also sits down with Guy Battle, founder and chief executive of proptech start-up Social Value Portal, and Beringea investment director Maria Wagner, to talk about Social Value’s latest fundraise.

Beringea has invested £3m into the start-up, and the trio discuss how covid-19 has put the spotlight on the importance of the property industry’s social impact work, as well as the global venture capitalist investment landscape and what sectors are whetting VC appetites.

On this week’s episode of Tech Talk Radio, tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson asks the hard and pressing question: does anyone else feel Christmassy now that summer is over?

She also sits down with YourParkingSpace co-founder and chief executive Harrison Woods to discuss the start-up’s latest fundraising round, which saw Pelican Capital back the business with £5m.

With money in his pocket to burn, Alderson asks Woods what his plans are for growing the business and tips he can share with listeners for securing funding during a tougher investment climate.

Woods also digs into the data, and shares some fascinating insights about how motorists’ movements have changed during the pandemic. How will these movements change in a post-pandemic future – and how can property owners use this information to drive footfall to their assets?

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