In this episode of EG’s TechTalk radio, EG editor Samantha McClary is talking with Mike Gordon, the relatively newly installed chief executive of Altus Group.

The 31-minute discussion takes a look into the firm’s recent acquisition of Finance Active and how tech and data is enabling real estate to better manage debt.

Gordon also shares his aspirations for the company and his views on the spate of SPACS being launched with a focus on real estate tech and data-enabled businesses.

In this episode of EG's TechTalk Radio Samantha McClary is talking with Fifth Wall founder Brendan Wallace about the growth of the business from a single $200m fund to a $1.7bn business with more than 70 LPs around the globe.

In this hour-long interview the pair discuss the growth of proptech, the responsibility of the real estate sector to do more than just buy PV in the fight against climate change and how the sector is on the cusp of its biggest and most powerful transformation.

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In this episode of EG’s TechTalk Radio podcast host EG editor Samantha McClary is in discussion with William Newton, president and EMEA MD of Wiredscore, and Sally Jones, head of strategy, digital and technology at British Land to talk about being smart in real estate.

Wiredscore has just launched SmartScore, a new certification that it has developed in response to increasing demand for guidance around what smart really means in relation to commercial buildings, and how it can and should be implemented.

Confusion about what really constitutes a smart building is rife in real estate and WiredScore hopes that its new certification, developed in collaboration with the industry, will provide “credibility and certainty to an industry rapidly pursuing digital transformation”.

British Land is one of 44 property owners that have signed up to the certification and is delivering smart solutions across its estate.

Listen in to find out why smart matters and how it is not always just about the tech.

In this episode of EG’s TechTalk Radio EG editor Samantha McClary talks to Olly Freedman from ReTransform, MRI Software’s Richard Belgrave and Angelica Donati, chief executive of Donati S.p.a & Donati Immobiliare Group about AI and machine learning in real estate.

Over the course of the 35-minute discussion they discuss everything from what AI and machine learning actually is in a real estate context, how attitudes to its use have changed, how it is being used in more areas that we may have realised and the potential it has to really drive the industry forward.

They also discussion the investment landscape for tech and investigate fresh topics for conversation around skills and education.

For more on the role of tech in real estate, make sure to bookmark EG's dedicated real estate tech news page at

In this special edition of the EG TechTalk Radio podcast, EG editor Samantha McClary is in conversation with a collection of judges for EG’s upcoming Tech Awards to find out a little bit more about what they will be looking for in submissions this year and just how excited they are for the virtual extravaganza that will be the EG Tech Awards.

But the conversation is about more than just how to win an EG Tech Award, it is about the role that tech is playing in the evolution of the real estate sector, about how despite the pandemic, 2020 was a year of innovation and big steps forward.

Listen in to find out more about that, exactly how Olly Freedman, director- Europe at Retransform, Tim Ryan, partner and head of technology at DAC Beachcroft, and Colin O’Reilly, sales director at MRI Software, are going to dress to impress at this year’s awards and an exclusive piece of breaking tech news.

To find out more about the EG Tech Awards and how to enter, visit

In this episode of EG’s TechTalk Radio, EG editor Samantha McClary sits down with founder of Appear Here Ross Bailey and its lead data scientist Alex Nussbacher to talk about data driven decisions and how the industry needs to embrace tech to build a new future, particularly for retail.

Leaning on learnings from Appear Here’s recently published report, How Landlords Can Help Save the Street, Bailey and Nussbacher explain how embracing technology and data, being flexible and listening are some of the greatest tools of survival.

While a tale of retail’s demise is easy to tell, particularly in these Covid times, the Appear Here team are adamant that Covid will not define this decade. And that how we rest and rebuild will.

Listen in to hear more about how to use tech as a tool to deliver on bigger goals, how being the best doesn’t mean you always get it right first time, and how the 2020s should be about technology democratising rather than technology dictating.

On this week's Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson dishes out some good news to lighten up a challenging year. Hundreds of dollars are being raised globally for real estate technology as part of a growing trend in launching "blank cheque companies". Tishman Speyer and CBRE are part of the movement.

She also sits down virtually with Professor Dr Andrew Baum from Said Business School, and PiLabs research associate Andy Saull who have co-authored a report on how technology is transforming real estate and its role in the industry. 

Saull and Baum explain how the report provides a "road map" for digitisation and tech adoption that real estate companies can use, and how companies can avoid becoming a “clear casualty of the digital transformation about to take place”.

On this week's episode of Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson sits down with London South Bank University Business School professor of organisational behaviour Karin Moser to talk all about how remote working and our intense use of technology to keep businesses running is impacting our mental health.

Moser led the research, in which 102 UK employees were surveyed on their working from home practices during the first lockdown. The research concluded that remote working could “harm employee wellbeing at work, if left unregulated”, with employees experiencing tiredness or “Zoom fatigue”.

So if working from home remotely has taken its toll on our mental health, what does this mean for the future of the office? The two sit down to discuss the role of the workplace post-Covid and how employers can put in place steps to avoid video call fatigue.


Who's feeling festive during lockdown? EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson asks all the burning questions in this week's Tech Talk Radio. Keeping on the subject of lockdown, Alderson also flags EG's 2020 mental health survey analysis (which will be featured in this week's magazine) which looks at how Covid has impacted real estate professionals this year, and what lessons we can learn from a tough year for all.

Alderson is then joined by data room provider Drooms chief executive Alexandre Grellier to talk about research the company has conducted into the pace of digitisation in real estate over this year, and how Covid has impacted this.

Drooms surveyed 538 real estate investors across Europe, and *spoiler alert* the survey results show that the pace of digitisation is still sluggish. The two dig deeper into the stats to understand why that is.

As part of a Tech Talk Radio podcast with Cluttons, EG’s tech editor Emily Wright is joined by Cluttons head of research Sophy Moffat and CBI senior policy adviser Susannah Odell to delve into some of the key issues at the heart of this debate.

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