Another week, another Tech Talk Radio episode hosted by tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson, who sits down (virtually) with Triadic Labs founder and director James Spooner and commercial director Alex Tozzi to talk about the launch of the start-up’s virtual viewings platform for off-plan properties.

Triadic Dash allows people to view properties which haven’t been built yet, and Alderson asks how the platform has been received in the market at a time when appetite for physical viewings has fallen during the pandemic.

The duo also talk about the power of data, how to boost the housing market during the pandemic, going global, and why Spooner thinks Triadic Dash is the virtual viewings market equivalent to the first iPhone.

It's the first Tech Talk Radio since EG's Tech Awards, and tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson outlines just how much you missed out on if you couldn't join the virtual extravaganza last week. But don't fret: you can catch up on the list of winners and highlights from the night on


MediaCityUK property director Chris Reay is this week's Tech Talk Radio guest to talk what it takes to become one of the most connected schemes in the world. In April, the development became a Wired Certified Neighbourhood by WiredScore, the only scheme to have been awarded this rating aside from New York’s sprawling 28-acre Hudson Yards.


Reay also talks about how connectivity could be key in helping the return to work movement gain momentum, and Manchester's tech boom.

It's back to school this week, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than with EG's tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson, who this week sat down with Irish proptech start-up Offr's co-founder and chief executive Robert Hoban to discuss the company's covid-busting fundraise. 

The start-up recently secured nearly €3m in its latest seed fundraise led by Barclays, which was much higher than its original target of €1m. In a climate where proptech companies are finding it increasingly difficult to raise capital while investors scale back deals, Hoban shares his own experience and tips for start-ups looking to fundraise in the middle of a pandemic.

Hoban also shares more detail about Offr's plans to expand into the UK and Australia, and reveals which other countries the company is eyeing up to launch into at some point in the future.

Tech Talk Radio is back after a week-long summer holiday break with tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson, who is joined by British Land's head of strategy, digital & technology Sally Jones to discuss the launch of the landlord's new digital engagement app.

The app will first be rolled out at British Land's Broadgate campus, and is designed to help people working and visiting the area make the most of the amenities, facilities and events. 

It will also play a key role in helping the 26,000 workers based at the campus return back to the office, Jones explains, providing information on lobby traffic, occupancy, air quality, and booking access to meeting rooms.

Jones outlines the key aims of the app, how the landlord will roll out the app to its other London campuses, and how will the app fits into a post-covid future at British Land's schemes.


In this week’s Tech Talk Radio episode, tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson is joined by Planet Smart City chief digital strategy officer Alan Marcus to talk about a very special project the proptech start-up and affordable housing developer has recently announced.

Last year, Planet Smart City came on the United Nations Human Settlements Programme’s radar for the work they were doing in designing and building affordable housing across the world, and placing tech at the heart of these developments.

Planet Smart City is now working with the United Nations to build an app for two of Nairobi's largest slum communities to use to organise events, access educational resources, advertise business services to develop a local economy, and create a better life.

Marcus discusses the “gold mine of information” that will be collected through the app ,which will be able to give data insights into how slum communities can be best supported. He also outlines the challenges he expects the partnership will face in encouraging the local community to adopt the technology.

On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson is joined by flexible office space provider Mindspace co-founder Yotam Alroy, to talk about how tech is vital to get people back into the office and what the future holds for the flex space market.

Mindspace has developed an app which members can use to book space and order services in their office, keeping human contact to a minimum. Alroy outlines how critical it is for landlords to use tech to navigate their way out of the pandemic, and how it can be used to make people feel safe and comfortable enough to return to the office.

He also outlines the opportunities and challenges that the flex market faces emerging from the initial coronavirus crisis, and whether there is a degree of hype around just how much flex office space is in demand as a result of Covid-19.

On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson is joined by Cubic Lease chief executive James Owusu to talk about how the online property viewings booking company, founded last year, has navigated its way through the pandemic and what opportunities this has presented for the start-up.

Owusu also talks about a subject that has also dominated global headlines – the Black Lives Matter movement – and how it relates to the property industry. Being one of very few black British proptech founders, Owusu talks about the challenges that he faces where white founders don’t, and how to make property a more inclusive place.

What property is doing to tackle its lack of diversity is “quite frankly, not enough”, Owusu says. He outlines strategies VCs can put in place to increase investment into non-white businesses and how to talk about race-related issues if you are a white senior leader.


On this week's episode of Tech Talk Radio Emily Wright is joined by RJ Pittman and James Morris-Manuel, chief executive and EMEA MD of spatial data capture company Matterport. 

The duo talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on the business and the wider real estate sector as social distancing restrictions and global lockdowns have seen a surge in interest for virtual property viewings. "In the month of April alone we added more new customers than in the first eight years of the business," says Pittman, adding that the company had already built up a significant global customer base before the pandemic hit. 

The trend towards virtual viewings was already picking up, he adds, particularly towards the end of 2019 and so Matterport was prepared for the sudden increase in demand. The company also rushed out Matterport for iPhone app to respond to the current situation. 

Tune in to hear more about the launch of the app, how they are handling swathes of new customers and how they are dealing with the team's collective mental health in such strange times.

Also on this week's episode, Wright is joined by Nadia Elghamry, senior product manager at EG. She offers her thoughts on the virtual viewings trend backing up Pittman's predictions that it is here to stay. 

She adds that while COVID-19 might have been a catalyst for growth, virtual viewings were something clients were expecting as standard before the pandemic and that the trend has now simply been fast-tracked. 

On this week's Tech Talk Radio, host Emily Wright is joined by CBRE's new head of technology Mike Gedye. 

Gedye, who took on the newly created role this month, talked about how he will approach the position and revealed his thoughts on the post lockdown return to work. 

He said that CBRE expects "fragmented" occupancy in the coming weeks and months as companies promote a blend of continued home working and traditional office use. He added that we could see a 50% slump in office occupancy for up to a year after lockdown due to "phased occupancy and seating teams much wider apart physically."

Gedye added that some companies are even considering seven day working weeks to move away from traditional office utilisation peaks and troughs and explained how occupiers are starting to rethink their longer term space and lease requirements. 

For this plus his thoughts on how this could impact the future of the office more broadly, tune in to this week's Tech Talk Radio podcast. 


Tech Talk Radio is back. In the first episode after a brief hiatus host Emily Wright speaks to Akshay Thakur, head of technology consulting EMEA and APAC at JLL about smart buildings and cyber security. 

As we move towards a smarter future, how vulnerable are we to cyber attacks? How can businesses best prepare for them? And when it comes to protecting smart buildings from potential breaches where does the responsibility lie? 

Thakur addresses all of these questions and more in this episode as he explains how attacks come about and how sometimes the simplest fixes are among the most effective ways to protect smart buildings and cities. 

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