When founder and chief executive of Netherlands-based Edge Technologies and OVG Real Estate heard a speech by Al Gore some 20 years ago, he was inspired to implement change.

He decided to transform his “Trump-like” real estate business into something Gore would be proud of and embarked on an epic change management mission – starting with taking everyone’s BMWs away.

Now his company has become synonymous with some of the smartest, most sustainable buildings in the world, including The Edge and Edge Olympic, both in Amsterdam.

Last month it was announced that Edge Technologies was making its London debut with a £50m acquisition of 60 St Thomas Street on the South Bank.

On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright travels to Amsterdam to meet with van Oostrom and find out more about his plans for London, sustainable development and how to instil change in a traditional sector.

And back in the EG studio Samantha McClary,  finds out about in office air quality and the impact it has not just on our quality of work but on the value of our buildings. Chairman of cleantech firm 720 Degrees Tomas Novotny and tech investor Dominic Wilson explain.

Micheal Phillips is President of Jamestown LP, a 35-year-old investment manager based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He spoke to EG at Mipim Proptech in Paris about how he has pivoted to grow the business by focussing on investing in spaces that can be turned into innovation hubs.
Some of the firm’s most iconic projects include Chelsea Market in New York which was sold to Google last year as part of a $5bn package, Industry City in Boston and Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. 
Now Jamestown is also turning its attention to European markets including Germany and Amsterdam. 
Phillips spoke to EG about the strategy he put in place to steer a traditional, 35-year real estate investment business into the world of the innovation economy and reveals why Jamestown is exploring the launch or its own fund to run as a pilot in the US.
MIPIM Proptech Paris: It's every tech firm’s dream. You build up the business, you embed yourself in the market and then one of the biggest real estate asset managers in the world not only wants to acquire you, but does so for over $1bn. 
This is what happened to alternative investment management software provider eFront in May when BlackRock paid $1.3bn to acquire the Paris-based firm. EG spoke to eFront’s senior product manager Davide Manstretta at MIPIM Proptech in Paris to find out what’s next in the wake of the acquisition, to learn more about the development and the future of the technology behind eFront and to find out what BlackRock’s purchase could mean for the wider real estate sector. 

The tech buzz in real estate has “far from died down,” according to CBRE’s global chief digital and technology officer. If anything, things are kicking up a notch as property companies the world over start to focus their attentions on delivering tech solutions rather than just talk about them.

This is just one of the points covered by Chandra Dhandapani in this week’s Tech Talk Radio with Emily Wright and Sam McClary as she also addresses the reason behind the influx of major tech players from Silicon Valley and beyond into the real estate sector and talks about the growing power of data.

Now three years into her role at CBRE, Dallas-based Dhandapani also reveals her thoughts on the perceived gap between digital transformation in companies and sectors in the UK compared to the US and explains why she firmly believes that now has never been a more exciting time for property.

Energy consultancy ZTP is back to talk about how far they have come in just over a year since last visiting the TechTalk Radio podcast studio.

Alex Hill and Joe Warren talk to Emily Wright about their new product Kiveev, a guardian for energy that enables consumers to get a view of where the opportunities for energy purchasing lie, and potential more importantly, the risks associated with energy acquisition prices.

Kiveev, launched in March this year, has been designed to digitalise the procurement and management of flex power and gas contracts, providing users with enhanced clarity of position, risk mitigation, time saving and budget control.

Listen in to hear more and for some insight from last week’s Future Proptech event with EG’s tech reporter Lucy Alderson.

This week on Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright and Sam McClary talk to Wordsearch Place’s William Murray and David Twohig just over a year on from when the latter joined from Battersea Power Station.

The duo, who have been busy working here in the UK and around the world talk about their love of “holidaying” together, the joys of swearing and the benefits of their dynamic as ‘the capitalist’ and ‘the idealist’.

 For all that and more on the power of placemaking, be sure to tune in for this week’s episode.

On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright is joined by EG’s new tech reporter Lucy Alderson who makes her TTR debut with the last episode of the geospatial mapping podcast trilogy.

She spoke to Chris Pope, spatial data analytics manager for Greater Manchester Combined Authority who was tasked with creating and developing MappingGM, an online resource that maps the social and physical infrastructure across the Greater Manchester region.

Tune in to listen to Pope talk about the challenges of setting up MappingGM, the need for more residential data across the region, and how the Manchester property scene and beyond has responded to the resource.

 All this and an (even) funkier tech talk jingle on this week’s episode.


The EG TechTalk team have gone a bit crazy over mapping recently, but rightly so. Geospatial technologies have an important and infinitely useful role to play in the built environment.

In this week’s episode – part two of a trilogy of mapping podcasts – we sit down with Knight Frank’s head of geospatial mapping Ian McGuinness to find out more about this evidence-based approach to planning and how the time is now for geography to come out of the shadows across the planning and development sphere.

EG’s latest recruit Lucy Alderson joins TechTalk Radio co-hosts Emily Wright and Samantha McClary in the studio to talk about her upcoming interview with Mapping GM (the final chapter in our trilogy) and her role keeping EG readers up to date about the latest news, views and insights from the tech world.

And, KPMG’s Eden Dwek and Carlos Adams, co-founder of Tech Academy finalist Aphex talk about the lessons they have learnt so far from their mentoring sessions ahead of June’s Tech Academy big pitch.


Missed the first episode in TechTalk Radio's mapping trilogy? Listen in to an interview with Google Maps' Ed Parsons at https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-7kp3b-ad794e


This week on Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright and Sam McClary talk to the man behind Google Maps about how real estate remains “conservative” when it comes to data in an overwhelmingly digital world.

Geospatial technologist Ed Parsons joined Google from Ordnance Survey in 2007 and has been instrumental in the launch of Google Earth and Google Streetview. He says that mapping the world has never been more efficient now that “everyone” is a surveyor but urges real estate to embrace its power to chart the globe through data.

“At Ordnance Survey we would send 100 surveyors out every week day to map Britain,” he says. “Now, through mobile phone use everyone is a surveyor. There are tens of thousands, if not millions, of people contributing data and mapping the world every hour.

“Nothing much has changed in the last 10 years regarding the technology itself, it’s just that now everyone has access to it through their smart phones. We all carry around in our pockets the same geospatial technology that was developed to launch intercontinental ballistic missile submarines.

“And yet, from the outside looking in, property remains very conservative in terms of its use of data. It still seems rather craft-based. Every building is unique and built on a bespoke case-by-case basis. It is not data driven enough in a world where almost everything else we do is becoming more and more digital and efficient.”

British Land was one of the first major UK real estate companies to start to take data and the insight it can provide seriously, using it to inform investment, development and asset management decisions.

In January this year, BL made how important data and insight is to it even clearer, adding responsibility for them to the remit of executive committee member Sally Jones, BL’s head of strategy and investments.

In this episode of EG's TechTalk Radio podcast Jones talks about what data, insight and smart means to BL and how it is using its capabilities to support the evolution not just of British Land but the changing built environment.

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