This week on Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright and Sam McClary talk to Matterport's new chief executive R.J Pittman, eBay's former CPO.

Pittman took the reigns at Matterport in December last year and has bold plans to expand the business beyond pure real estate to become "Google Maps" for the built environment.

He talks about why he has decided "now is the time" to turn his attention to a new generation of start-ups after years working at the world's best known tech giants including Apple, Google and eBay.

He also recounts the story of how bumping into Steve Jobs in line at Whole Foods in 1991 launched his career.


On this week's Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright speaks to EG Editor Damian Wild about all things Blair. Tony Blair that is who spoke on tech last week at the Edelman Trust Barometer launch. 

"Today tech changes everything," he said. "It will change the face pf industry and how we work. It will revolutionise education, health, transport, even law and order.

"The important thing is for politicians to come together and to realise this is the challenge and we have to explain to people how we access the benefits of this technological revolution."

Tune in to hear more plus details on the launch of the next EG Tech magazine at EG Tech Live on 5th March. 


This week on Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright and Sam McClary talk to Land Registry head of digital, data and technology John Abbott and Alpha Property Insight's Dan Hughes about the future of geospatial data. 

From the digital transformation of the Land Registry and the challenge of updating and modernising an old system to plans for a closer working relationship with real estate firms and start-ups in the future, the duo discuss the benefits of digital mapping and why the Land Register could soon become the source of "everything you need to know about property but are too afraid to ask."


Welcome to 2019, TechTalk Radio style. In this episode of EG's weekly tech podcast hosts Emily Wright and Samantha McClary talk about what's coming up in the early part of the year through EG's numerous tech products - the magazine, our events etc. - about what they expect 2019 to mean for tech in the real estate sphere and might also have a little rant about various modes of transport.

Normal service resumed next week.



How easily could your mobile phone be hacked? What risks are real estate companies facing in an increasingly digital era? How can you protect yourself? EG spoke to Chris Woods, director of CyberQ Group, and Vishvas Nayi, cybersecurity consultant for CyberQ Group at this year’s RICS commercial property conference to find out more.

From the rise in cyber attacks to companies’ biggest cyber security fears, listen for more.



On this week's Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright and Sam McClary meet the founders of PropCoin as they navigate the ups and downs of cryptocurrency in real estate. 

Peter Bird and Tom Cartlidge, both formerly of JLL, talk about leaving their respective corporate jobs to focus their attentions on the start-up world as PropCoin celebrates its first birthday this month. 

PiLabs backed with support from Gerald Eve, Bird and Cartlidge talk about how the company works, how it has fared over the last 12 months and reveal how PropCoin gives investors the opportunity to have "passive exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of an asset-backed security."




The former CTO of New York City is paving the way for Mastercard to become a global leader in the development of future cities. 

Miguel Gamino, who is also the former CIO of San Francisco joined Mastercard in May to take on the newly created role of Head of Global Cities. He is now running the company's City Possible network which aims to bring together CIOs and city leaders to create more connected and inclusive urban environments around the world. 


Sixteen cities are becoming founding members of the global City Possible network including Athens, Baltimore, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Honolulu, Kansas City, Melbourne, Prague, and San Diego. 

For more on what Mastercard has planned to pull these cities together and to recruit more to the programme plus how Gamino's previous roles have set him up to take up this new position, listen to Emily Wright and Sam McClary's interview with him on this edition of Tech Talk Radio.  


If passenger drones are the future of travel, where will they land? Where will they take off from? Or travel to? All questions that Skyport Drones' founder Duncan Walker hopes to answer as he plans to build a network of "vertiports" on London's rooftops. 

With 15 rooftop's already secured for ports, which Walker hopes will eventually be used to dock drones carrying people around the city, he reveals the the complex planning required to ensure the infrastructure for this method of future travel is in place. 

In this episode of Tech Talk Radio, Emily Wright talks to Walker about everything from the safety of drone travel to how we protect our skies from a future of increased air travel and we welcome a special guest in Sam McClary's absence as EG editor Damian Wild takes to the studio for his second Tech Talk turn. 


On this week's episode of Tech Talk Radio Emily Wright and Sam McClary speak to Robbert Heekelaar, Prologis's VP of architecture and emerging technologies about the logistics giant's foray into real and virtual lab space.

Prologis Labs officially launched earlier this month with a 1300 sq m physical space in San Leandro just outside San Francisco and a virtual lab in Amsterdam. 

"There is now a department within Prologis responsible for these physical and virtual labs," said Heekelaar. "We are using them to do experiments with or without tenants and the physical space gives us so much freedom as a test environment.

"It will be 1300 sq m for the first year and will extend if it is a success...We are going to establish a lot of different experiments with some of our vendors and it is so great we finally have an environment where we can truly put vendor solutions to the test to see whether they work or not.

"The virtual lab is necessary because some of our experiments can't be done in a warehouse - things like Blockchain where we don't need a physical space. It is the same for BIM or creating a digital twin of the warehouse. These tests don't need a physical environment so we put them in our virtual lab space. But the two are totally aligned and driven by the same team."

Heekelaar adds that if the US physical space is a success the next step could be to build one in Europe where he sees "more ideas coming than from Silicon Valley."



In yet another bonus episode of TechTalk Radio, Emily Wright joins her co-host Samantha McClary in the EG studio via the medium of Skype to talk all things NYC Real Estate Tech Week. 

Reunited they talk about the benefit of there being more men (and women) in suits at the event, its inspirational speakers, the lessons learnt, Honey bears, Twitter debates and of course the US mid-terms.

More interviews from NYC Real Estate Tech Week are available on both the TechTalk Radio channel and our EG Property Podcast channel.



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