November 22, 2021

The great workplace battle is on. How connectivity will be landlords‘ greatest magnet for tenants as hybrid working takes hold

Hybrid working looks to be here to stay. That not only means that offices need to work harder than ever before to lure tenants back but a wide range of other asset classes must up their connectivity game.  

On this episode of Tech Talk Radio, EG head of content Emily Wright is joined by Wiredscore president William Newton and Watkins Jones head of divestment and asset management George Dyer to discuss just that. 

Wiredscore research has revealed that over half of Europeans consider their internet to be better at home than in the workplace. As the world gears up to embrace hybrid working, it is clear there is more to be done to ensure that connectivity is supporting hybrid working across a number of asset classes including offices, BTR and purpose-built student accommodation. 

"The key thing now for us as developers is to design places where people want to live and a critical part of that now is also where people want to work," said BTR and student accommodation developer Watkins Jones' Dyer. "For us, connectivity is a key part of that as well as looking at how we can integrate things like business lounges and co-working spaces into our buildings and really create an environment where people are happy to live and work."

Newton said: “Looking to the future, we don’t think the productive home-working we saw during the pandemic was a temporary shift. This is a new way or work and a better, more constructive way for people to live their lives. We are now incredibly well set up for remote work and landlords should be thinking very carefully about setting it up for people who want it.”

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