May 1, 2018

TECHTALK RADIO: How dealing digitally takes the friction out of real estate transacting

Trading a real estate asset is nothing if not laborious. From the decision to sell to actually trading can take months. There is oodles of paperwork to do, dozens of parties to involve, hurdle after hurdle to negotiate, and many, many repetitive tasks with each party often doing the same thing, yet slightly differently.

In this episode of TECHTALK Radio, we talk to Matt Webster, the former global head of real estate finance at HSBC, who has joined online real estate exchange Cloudscraper with the ambition to revolutionise the way in which real estate is bought, sold and financed by taking the friction out of the process. 

Also in this episode, a run down of this week's tech news plus a sneak peek at EG's next upcoming Tech Live event - and if you listen to the end, we reveal one of our guest speakers at the free to attend event.


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